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Mini-Maxi Vostorg v Sozvezdie Kleopatry


At the end of 2009 in Almaty was brought black zwergschnauzer puppy. It was the first black zwergschnauzer in the kennel. Puppy was bought from a wonderful breeder Svetlana Romanova. She taught me so much. Big thanks to her!!!

Birth 20.09.2009

  • Junior Champion of Kazakhstan
  • Junior Champion of Kyrgyzstan
  • Champion of Kazakhstan
  • Champion of UCK
  • Champion of Russia
  • Champion of Kyrgyzstan
  • Champion of UCKR
  • Champion of Uzbekistan
  • Champion CFI
  • Champion of Azerbaijan
  • Champion of National Club of Kazakhstan
  • International Champion
  • "The Golden Dog" of Kazakhstan


Father - Salamankas Dream of Breed

Mother - Ferry Tail Genshtat