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About my kennel

It all began with love for one Schnauzer, with desire to be the owner of the gray miracle.

In 2001 Moscow kennel "Fox Sun" I was bought female Schnauzer pepper and salt color Fox San Manuela Cleopatra (Klepa. Dog grew and we began to go on the training field, the competition, go to exhibitions. And as a result Klepa - one of the most titled dogs in Kazakhstan.

In December 2002, were born the first Klepa's puppies, whose owners have become our friends and allies. There was a desire to unite the four-legged pets, make them stand out from the total number of schnauzers. So I got the idea to create a kennel "Sozvezdie Kleopatry", which was registered in FCI in September 2004.

Time was passing and gradually expanding boundaries of sizes and colors our favorite "beards". Now the prefix Kennel proudly wear black riesenschnauzers, pepper schnauzer, black, pepper and salt zwergschnauzers. And this is not the limit! Kennel is still young, but already recognizable, wiht through planned breeding. But the main thing we all share a love for this wonderful breed!

We are pleased to accept you into the ranks of fans Schnauzers, share experiences, learn to care for the puppy. If you are willing to participate in exhibitions - we are happy to help with exhibition trimming, grooming and handling.

Director of Kennel Arina Romanenko.